3D Game Programming Course

Let’s make the wonderful 3D games of your own!

3D Game Programming Course

The participants will make games by using application development tools (Game engine) called “Unity” in the 3D course. ※Approximately more than five hundred thousand people are currently developing 3D games by using “Unity” around the world. Making such games as “you want to play for yourself!” from action games to shooting games will surely stimulate your curiosity and inquiring minds. The course is recommended to those who have so far experienced game development.
Many popular game titles around the world have been created as those of 3D. You will allow the games which you want to express for yourself to go up one or two grades in the ranking in this course!

Development requirements:
Later than MacOS10.8, Windows 7

This course is recommended for:

Want to challenge making your own games! Want to learn how to make gaming algorithm.


Beginner course:

Seminar Level : for those who are participating our camp for the first to second time.
Let's create original game for using Unity!

Beginner course:STEP1

Let’s experience Unity!

You will learn various functions of Unity about what Unity is and the basic manipulations, etc. while making 3D action games.

Beginner course:STEP2

Let’s try to create your 3D games!

You will learn various functions and simple programmings which you can achieve through Unity and make FPS ( First Person Shooting Game) , etc..

Beginner course:STEP3

Let’s try to create original 3D games!

Let’s try to surprise all your friends by your original 3D games through the practical applications which you have learned until STEP2!

Time Schedule

5days camp

1AM:How to use Unity software
PM:3D Action Game
23D Horizontal Cannon Game
3First Person Shooting Game
4Original Game Design
5AM:Finalize your own games

3days camp

1AM:How to use Unity software
PM:3D Action Game
2Horizontal Cannon Game
3AM:Finalize your own games