iPhone APPS Programming Course

Create your original iPhone apps and surprise the world!

iPhone APPS Programming Course

You are going to develop your original iPhone applications by using programming language called Swift. The apps the first participants of the camp created are currently available in AppStore! Your own app may be used by the users of all over the world!
With our fulfilling curriculum that is aimed for the first-timers to the developers with some experience, you can create at least three apps of your own. Both of those who have not done programming and who have some experience can enjoy our curriculum. You can consult with the university students who support you as you go. We begin our seminars after we check the levels and want-to-dos of you, the participants.

Development requirements:
Later than MacOS10.8, Xcode5.0, iOS7
If you don't have iPhone, can develop iPhone apps.

This course is recommended for:

Want to create apps for iPhone! Want to learn programming solidly from scratch!


Beginner course:

Seminar Level : for those who are participating our camp for the first to second time.
Let's make the original apps and surprise all your friend!

Beginner course:STEP1

Original Clock App

Using your favorite image or image you designed, you will create a clock app you can use from tomorrow.

Beginner course:STEP2

Counting App & Calculator App

You learn algorithm, understanding how those apps we always use work such as a counting app that add/deduct numbers every time you press the button, or a calculator app.

Beginner course:STEP3

Select Apps to Develop (Web Video Player / Quiz App, etc.)

You customize some of the app sample codes into your original apps with your ideas.

Advanced Level

Level : for those who are participating our camp for the second to fourth time.
In this seminar, you will aim to develop an app from scratch, and learn how to program by learning developments by Xcode and Objective-C/ Swift as you understand the meanings of the detailed codes.

Advanced LevelSTEP1

a game app to defeat a dragon / a rhythm app using sound / a quiz app that uses external files

Advanced LevelSTEP2

a drawing app / a Twitter client app

Professional Level

Level : for those who are participating our camp for the third or more time.
You develop an original app of your own from scratch.
*Only those who are approved to be the level equivalent of completion of the Advanced Level are eligible to participate in this seminar.

Professional LevelSTEP1

You make a plan for the app you would like to develop, and afterwards you design, implement and debug the app with supports of our staff.

Time Schedule

5days camp

1AM:Clock Application
PM:Count Application
2Calculater Application
3Web Video Player
4Quiz Application

3days camp

1AM:Clock Application
PM:Count Application
2Web Video Player