Web Design Course

You can learn the real world Technologies,
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript !


In the Web design course, we create our original websites using HTML5, which is one of the cutting edge language, CSS3, or scripting language such as Java Script, which is used in many websites. Let's learn a technique through creating websites, which we can call basic in the basic.
This is the course which we recommend to people who want to learn basic of the Web.
In the basic lecture, we start to learn what is HTML5 by watching the gimmick of actual websites and create our original websites. We learn important concepts such as basic tags which are always used and structure. In the intermediate course, we learn CSS and JavaScript, too and we create higher-grade websites, making use of them!
We will start after we ask your level or ask for your hope, hearing whether you are a novice, who has never used PC or an experienced person in creating websites.

Development requirements:
Later than MacOS 10.8, Windows 7
Brackets、Adobe Photoshop

This course is recommended for:

Want to create your own websites! For people who wants to learn a technique for designing cutting edge websites!


Beginner course:

Seminar Level : for those who are participating our camp for the first to second time.
Let's publish the original site by using what you have learned in the basic course !

Beginner course:STEP1

The First Step for Creating Websites

After we watch source codes of various websites which use HTML5 or JavaScript, we will write html file actually.

Beginner course:STEP2

Primer of HTML5

We study structure of websites and html tags more in details. We will create design-conscious websites using html only and we will think about the importance of distinguishing design from information.

Beginner course:STEP3

Let's Make Use of CSS3!

We rebuild the same websites as we created earlier by using CSS. You will be surprised to know how convenient CSS is.

Advanced Level

Level : for those who are participating our camp for the second to fourth time.
Try to publish the original site up a notch !

Advanced LevelSTEP1

Let's Learn JavaScript!

We learn what JavaScript can do, how to change at fixed intervals and jQuery, an external library.

Advanced LevelSTEP2

Let's aim at higher-grade websites!

We learn about how to practically upload our homepages, including the knowledge of rental servers and how to set an original domain and so on. In addition, we learn the usability of homepages

Time Schedule

5days camp

1AM:learn about the structure about websites.
PM:Primer of HTML5
2Let's Make Use of CSS3!
3Let’s make your original website
4Let’s make your original website

3days camp

1AM:learn about the structure about websites.
PM:Primer of HTML5
2Let’s make your original website