Why Learn Programming?

The Age is One of Creativity!

Programming skill + powers of imagination = Creativity

Reason 1. Background

Until the recent years, there was a low demand for people with programming and IT skills. However it is drastically different now. In the present day, technology had advanced to the point whereby most people probably own a smartphone. We are currently living in a world where computers are found nearly everywhere and most objects are now connected to them. For instance, smartphones are the amalgamation of computers and telephones, Google Glass are the combination of computers and glasses and smart watches are the union of computers with wrist watches.
It is not difficult to envision that in the future, all objects will eventually be associated with computers. Many organizations and well known figures often quote that the era whereby every object is controlled by computers is dawning upon us. Even now, it is said that there exist one computer for every person.
However, let’s not forget that it is programming that fuels the computers.

Due to the rapid increase in demand for computers, the demand for programmers are also increasing. However, there is a lack of programmers around the world.
According to a study, 1.4 million programmers are required by the year 2020. However, it is predicted that based on the current pace, there will only be 400,000 programmers when 2020 arrives. In other words, there is a shortfall of 1 million programmers!
Faced with such a critical situation, many people had realised the importance of programming.

President Obama

No one’s born a computer scientist, but with a little hard work, and some math and science, just about anyone can become one. And don’t let anyone tell you “You can’t. “ Whether you’re a young man or a young woman, whether you live in a city or a rural area, computers are going to be a big part of your future.
And if you’re willing to work and study hard, that future is yours to shape.

Steve Jobs

Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think.
It's like going to law school. I don't think anybody should be a lawyer, but going to law school can actually be useful because it teaches you how to think in a certain way....I view computer science as a liberal art.

Reason 2: Benefits of learning programming from a young age

As our current lifestyle is highly intertwined with computers, and coupled with the fact that there is a lack of programmers around the world, this translate to a lot of opportunities for you if you pick up programming.
Aside from the endless opportunities that are presented to you if you learn programming, there are additional benefits if you start to learn programming from a young age!
Firstly, you should know that at the end of the day, programming is simply a language for you to express your ideas to others. There is not much difference between programming languages and the other languages (such as English) in the world.
Secondly, we should know that technologies are not useful on their own. They will only become useful if someone is able to utilise them. They will become objects with endless potential if held in the hands of a person with ambition, determination and creativity.
As programmers are often faced with challenges when they are coding, a programmer will subconsciously pick up problem solving skills. This skill is not only useful in programming but is essential in real life as well. When you begin to learn programming, you will unconsciously pick up these problem solving skills which will greatly benefit you in the future.
Hence, using your creative ideas and programming skills,you can create technologies that may revolutionise the world in just your bedroom.

Reason 3. People who changed the world through programming

During his college days, there were no efficient ways for Mark Zukerberg to find out more about the other students in his university. To solve this problem he created Facebook. Facebook is now a social media website that is used by more than 1 billion people around the world.
Larry Page and Sergey Brin envisioned a place that can house all the information in the world and yet be readily accessible at the same time. To do that, they created Google, a powerful search engine that is utilised by several billion people around the world.
These services had not only made the lives of billions more convenient but they had greatly changed their way of living too.
However, Mark Zukerberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are not super humans. They are just normal human beings like us, but what made them different was they decided to use their programming skills to solve the problems that they were facing and their creative ideas had spread like wildfire all around the world.

Reason 4. Nurturing the ability to change the world – creative power

Life is Tech! is not a camp that solely focus on teaching programming skills. In the camp, you will be able to hone your problem solving ability which is the same ability that is used by Mark Zukerberg to create Facebook as well as Larry Page and Sergey Brin to establish Google.
By nurturing this ability, you may be able to create the next Facebook or Google that will revolutionise the world!
However, this ability can only be nurtured when you allow your ideas to take form and to materialise them. Normally, this is not easily achievable but with programming, this is made easier. When you are able to create programs that you imagined, you will feel a sense accomplishment that you have never experienced before. This is not just a simple case of creating something but rather, the progress of nurturing your creative powers!
At Life is Tech!, we believe that your creative power can only be harnessed when you are not restricted in any way. This is the reason why at our camps, we will introduce games that will entertain you and allow you to create your applications in a stress-free and unrestricted environment.
So are you interested in starting your programming journey with us at Life is Tech!, where you will have fun learning programming skills and harnessing your creative power at the same time? Come and join us now!